Panel Discussion - 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference & - This is a panel discussion of 7 speakers at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference. All 10 were invited but three were not at the table. Speakers in this video, which is moderated by Jeane Manning, author of Breakthrough Power ( include: Mark McKay, John Polakowski, Eric Dollard, Aaron Murakami, Jim Murray, Paul Babcock and Peter Lindemann. Here are the presentations from the conference that are available now: RELEASES FROM THIS SUMMER THAT ARE AVAILABLE NOW The Secret of Tesla's Power Magnification by Jim Murray & Paul Babcock The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson by Eric Dollard Dynaflux Alternator by Jim Murray Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami Water Fuel Secrets by Aaron Murakami Tesla's Ideal Flying Machine by William Lyne The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor Part 2 by Mark McKay Cosmic Induction Generator by John Polakowski

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