That Anime Moment - When the Animators Got SLOPPY

That Anime Moment: When The Animators Got SLOPPY From Executive meddling to losing key character references due to outsourcing, here's 10 of the cringiest mistakes made in anime: Moment #10: Gundress: The Movie; She's malfunctioning... Quick, get a mechanic! Moment #9: Yu Yu Hakusho; When you summon a dragon and accidentally turn into Astro Boy Moment #8: Pokémon; Pika...Pika? Moment #7: Mars of Destruction; That moment you can see the dyamics of their relationship... Moment #6: One Piece; Double the Zoro, double the awesome. Moment #5: Naruto Shippūden; Apparently, Pain really knows the meaning of pain Moment #4: Ginga Densetu Weed; When you want to RAH but nothing comes out... Moment #3: Fist of the North Star; "Fill my eyes... with that double vision..." Moment #2: Lost Universe; That moment they go full Game & Watch Moment #1: Transformers Armada; That moment they forgot to animate Starscream Hit you in the feels? Have an underrated anime moment you'd like to see covered? Holla at us below! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR: SNAPCHAT: tokyopopsnap PINTEREST: SUBSCRIBE to TOKYOPOP TV!!!

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