What if "Gravity Falls" was an anime (Animation Breakdown)

GENRE: None Watch the fan animation here: http://youtu.be/qdbCNXMRHmo A breakdown of the animation in 50% speed. Keyframe Sketches: -Sketching out the important frames, including the shading. Clean-up + In-between: -Inking the sketches, including other details such as shading, shine, blush, eyeshadow, etc. (Each in different colors) -After the keyframes, the in-between frames will be made. Colors: -Converting the clean-up frames into the real colors for the final result. Foreground Filters: -Adding various filters, gradients, and blurs to the frames. Background: -Background plates. Not all are drawn/painted, especially the areas that are covered by the foreground elements. Screen Effects: -Various gradients (both screen and multiply) and lens dirt effects. Composition: -Combining all of the elements. This includes the camera panning/zooming. Final: -Complete with screen filters such as chromatic abbreviation, cross-shaped bloom, color balance, etc. Software Used: Photoshop, Manga Studio 5 (or Clip Studio), After Effects, FL Studio, and Audacity.

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