Destiny - Award Winning Hindi Romantic Drama Comedy Short Film

Award winning romantic drama comedy which has received fantastic reviews! A bitter-sweet charming tale and a must-watch! Subtitles in English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, French and German. Written and Directed by Vikkramm Chandirramani Produced by Quest Mercury Intermedia Private Limited ( Cinematography: Kartik Katkar Sound Design: Shantanu Trivedi Cast: Nikita Vijayvargia, Monika Panwar, Bhupendra Singh Jadawat Winner of 'Best Foreign Film' at The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival. Winner of 'Best Comedy Film' (under 20 mins) at the UK MFF Winner of 'Best Romantic Comedy Film' at FICOCC. Winner of 'Best Actress Short Film' at FICOCC. Winner of 'Best Supporting Actress Short Film' at FICOCC. Finalist in drama and comedy categories at the NCCC Film and Animation Festival, held at Niagara County Community College, Buffalo, New York. Read reviews of 'Destiny': 'Destiny' at IMDB: Follow us:

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