Videoblogging with Movavi: How to create your own Beauty Vlog

Welcome to the second episode of videoblogging with Movavi. Today Daria tries filming and editing her own beauty vlog. You can see how it turned out right now in the most fabulous tutorial on the Movavi channel. Enjoy! To create her stunning vlog, Daria used our video editing software - Movavi Video Editor. Want to learn more about the program? Visit our website at: Thanks to Anastasia who helped us create this tutorial. You can thank her and follow her here: Instagram: In our last episode about trying videoblogging , Daria created a daily vlog: If you haven’t already subscribed to our channel, click here to join the team. Ring the bell below and don’t forget to leave your comments!. We made a promise - and we did it. Welcome to our very own beauty vlog. Beauty tutorials on various topics can be easily called one of the most widespread topics on YouTube. Want to learn how to apply a light make-up for your eye color? Trust us, YouTube will give you hundreds of options to choose from. Basic skin care, make-up, nail polish – that’s just the tip of the iceberg for beauty videos on YouTube. One of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube belongs to a girl named Nikki (NikkieTutorials) and we promise, she will blow your mind with her videos - even if you’re not interested in all that beauty stuff. If you want learn more about how to create a video like Nikki’s, check out our tutorial with its step-by-step guide on filming and editing. Tutorials that can help you make your first beauty vlog: How to make a freeze-frame from a video clip: Adding titles and text to your vlog: using the split-screen effect: Follow Movavi on social media: YouTube: ( Facebook: ( Instagram: (

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