How to make 'Clap Switch' (science project)

Clap Switch is a basic Electronics mini-project, made with the help of the basic components. Clap Switch has the ability to turn ON/OFF any electrical component or circuit by the clap sound. It is known as Clap Switch, because the condenser mic which will be used in this Project will have an ability to take the sound having same pitch as the Clap sound as the input. Although it doesn’t mean that the sound will have to be of Clap sound, it can be any sound having the same high pitch as of Clap. __________________________________________ Part List:-⤵ *)IC4017 *)RESISTANCE 4.7K *)TRANSISTOR 2n222 *)RESISTANCE 1K *)RELAY 6V DC *)DIODE4007 *)LED 3V ___________________________________________ •The great Music used in this Video:-⤵ Music: Summer Smile - Silent Partner

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