Duterte Ordered The Philippine Navy Banned Foreign Research Vessels

https://youtu.be/99mJiNFUFGw Duterte Ordered The Philippine Navy Banish Foreign Research Vessels. Manila-President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has banned all foreign scientific research off the coast of the country. He also told the Navy to expel the ships that is not authorized, although earlier Chinese marine experts let operate there. There is no explanation of the decision the Duterte. Duterte during this warm relationship with China, as if to attract loans and investment as well as reduce dependence of Manila to the United States (us). Areas of focus are the Benham Rise, where the United Nations in the year 2012 announced part of the continental shelf of the Philippines. Manila last year named him Philippine Rise. "Let me be very clear about this: Philippine Rise belongs to us and any instructions are open to all people must end with this Declaration," Duterte said at a cabinet meeting, according to a posting on Facebook by Farm Minister, Emmanuel Pinol, who disitir Reuters, Tuesday (6/2/2018). Philippine area Rise roughly the size of Greece and believed to be rich in biodiversity and tuna. Scientists from the U.S. and Japan have been surveying many times. However, the interests of China, including around 18 official request in 17 years, has caused concern among Filipino nationalists distrusted his intentions after decades of strife and the perceived encroachment by Beijing in the South China Sea.

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