Different styles on an acoustic guitar with built-in amp and overdrive!!!

A new guitar I bought 3 weeks ago to be loud enough with my Walking Act Trio "Swing to go" ( http://guitarmatze.com/37-0-Swing+to+Go.html ) and when I play on street. So 3 gigs later with this heavy 7 pound monster you have the right to know her: this guitar has a built in 8 Watt amp, an overdrive, a Schaller humbucker in the soundhole and a undersaddle pickup. The preowner has built in a additional input you see in the side. So I go from the normal guitar output in my Boss RC-2 Looper and then in the guitar input. Strings Martin Phosphor Bronze 012 - 054 One mic is in front of the guitar loudspeaker, the 50 cm away. Both mics going in a Yamaha mixer (pan extreme left and right, Reverb comes also from the Yamaha) and then headphone out in my cheap Kodak camera. Info, Downloads and CDs: http://www.guitarmatze.com http://www.magic-acoustic-guitars.com

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