Hand-wired 15w Matchless/VOX style amp

a brief demo of my hand-wired 15w Matchless/VOX style amp IMHO this amp has an excellent tone...small wattage but HUGE BIG sound! very dynamic, touch sensitive with sweet briliant highs, just enough mids & warm lows... it's a singing instrument tubes installed: pre: 2x Mullard 12ax7 PI: JAN Philips 12at7 power: 2x EHX EL84 matched pair rectifier: JJ GZ34 transformers set from: Bob Wood at http://transformerdesignandsupply.com/ their transformers are awesome! setup: Fender Strat US standard w/ Texas special pu's a hint of Verb-Box reverb on clean setting Marshall 212 cab George L's cables Zoom Q3HD video camera to find out more about my handmade stompboxes: http://ksajitoneworkshop.com/ enjoy! note: this amp was NOT built from a Ceriatone kit

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