Baldi's SECRET ENDING: The Story You Never Knew | Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning has some new updates! And in these updates we have been graced with a SECRET ENDING! This parody of 90's edutainment games was created during the Meta Game Jam in just 2 weeks! CRAZY!!! But this Baldi's Basics SECRET ENDING update came out much later and introduced us to a new character: Filename2. Much different than Baldi, the principal, the broom, playtime, the bully, arts and crafters...OH! And the other new character: 1st prize. But more than any of these characters, and more than 1st prize, we are focusing on the secret new Filename2 character. What does this corrupted character teach us? And what does it all mean? Join your host, Grant, as he breaks down Baldi's Update and the Secret Ending in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning: The Story You Never Knew We're STREAMING on Twitch! ►► Baldi's Basics: The Story You Never Knew ► Baldi's Basics: The REAL TRUTH ► FNAF: Golden Freddy's SECRET REVEALED! (FNAF 6 | Fourth Closet) ► Granny: The REAL TRUTH ► PaTREEon: OFFICIAL Treesicle Discord Server! Come Hang Out! ►► Twitter # ► Facebook + ► Instagram ~ ► Grant's Twitter ► Ryan's Twitter ► Tyler's Twitter ► Intro Music: Masked Heroes by Vexento Capture Card we use:

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