Horror Movies That Will Blow Everyone Away In 2019

There are some great upcoming horror movies that will blow everyone away in 2019! If you think horror is just thing around October, oh you are so wrong. There will be great horror films throughout 2019. And we’re not just talking about the ones you know about, like IT: Chapter Two. Sure, that’s going to be great but we’ve dug deep to see which fright films will really deliver in the upcoming year. You’re going to want to watch all these 2019 horror films! The Conjuring series continues with Annabelle 3 in July 2019. One of everybody’s favorite demonic dolls is back to scare the wits out of Ed and Lorraine Warren, as they try and send that demon back from whence it came. The Conjuring franchise keeps trucking along, so expect plenty of jump scares in that one. Sam Raimi is producing Grudge - which is a reboot of the 2004 film The Grudge which was based on a 2002 Japanese movie - and it promises to bring its own ghosts to the big screen. If the story rings closely to the prior versions, expect some vengeful ghosts to bother some unsuspecting people who kinda deserve to get haunted. Grudge hits theaters in late June 2019. Ghosts not your thing? No worries! Happy Death Day 2U is a followup to the surprise 2017 hit Happy Death Day. It’s Groundhog’s Day once again for Tree, as she’s sure to relive her death once again over and over. We’ll see if it can clear the $100 m mark like its predecessor. Happy Death Day 2U | 0:16 Pet Sematary | 0:56 The Curse of La Llorona | 1:37 Grudge | 2:35 Annabelle 3 | 3:19 It: Chapter Two | 4:03 Escape Room | 4:50 Glass | 5:45 The Prodigy | 7:15 New Mutants | 8:19 Followed | 9:24 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter | 10:41

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