did we just one up MEGA DESK?!! (the hot tub desk) PLAY WITH THAT SUBSCRIBE!! --- Best Gaming Prank Day Ever 765 Without knowing it, today is a vlog takeover. While Pookie and I are having a meeting with the Utah Jazz about esports and Spacestation Gaming, Holladay plans to get some prank wars revenge for me doing the Hot tub desk. Instead of making a mega desk or moving my desk, he decides to set up the ultimate gaming station in the hot tube. The Spacestation crew gets together to make HOT TUB GAMING THRONE. They decide that instead of moving the entertainment center they were going to raise the bar by hanging the tv from the ceiling by chains. It takes them several tries to figure it out the the gaming throne is set to go. Pookie and I get back from our meeting with the guys coming out to meet us. They blind fold us and lead us into the Spacestation. We find the tv missing and our first thought is that it's in the hot tube. Sure enough, it's set up with the Jacuzzi. So Pookie and I jump in and play some Rocket League. I then get to go with Jenny and Adley to a performance of the Little Mermaid. She was so excited to meet Ariel. watch the orignal HOT TUB DESK o_O -- if you want to do this yourself... snag some sweet Shonduras merch --- Find me on any social media @Shonduras!! Music: Here's some stuff we use: Office decked out by our friends at Fully: Desks - Chairs - Gaming Chairs - Camera: Wide Lens: Zoom Lens: JOBY Pod: Cool Longboards: Sweet Keyboard: Rad Headsets: DXRacer Chairs: Other HyperX Stuff: *highfive* (leave a highfive in the comments if you read this far)

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