Rollin' France - what if animals were round?

Rollin' Wild has come to France! Share, if you are as excited as we are! Visit our inflated animals on Shop: Facebook: DIRECTOR: Kyra & Constantin PRODUCTION COMPANY: Passion Animation Studios CLIENT: France 3 PODUCTION COMPANY: NMC Productions AGENCY: Passion Paris EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Debbie Crossup / Lucie Friar HEAD OF PRODUCTION: Mike Turoff PRODUCER: Sibylle Preuss CG COORDINATOR: Jamie Moller HEAD OF CG: Jason Nichols SOUND DESIGN: Nami Strack ART DIRECTION, DESIGN, CHARACTER MODELLING, RIGGING: Kyra & Constantin LAYOUT: Kyra & Constantin, Tyler Daniells MODELLING & TEXTURING ENVIRONMENT: Interference Pattern TEXTURING CHARACTERS: Jakub Gryglicki, Florent Rousseau ANIMATION: Kyra & Constantin, Ferran Casas, Douglas Simpson, Ning-En Chang MATTE PAINTING: Dan Lambert TEXTURES/PIPELINE: Colin Perrett LIGHTING & RENDERING: Stuart Hall, Adrian Russell COMPOSITING: Antoine Foulot, Johnny Still, Adrian Russell, Kyra & Constantin Post Production Services by: Rushes PRODUCER: Jo West COLOURIST: Denny Cooper Based on project at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

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