Sapna choudhary new movie trailer release | Sapna C, Vikrant A, Zuber K, Anju J, Neel M & Sai B

Sapna's new movie trailer release | Sapna C, Vikrant A, Zuber K, Anju J, Neel M & Sai B. - Trailer video of Sapna Choudhary's upcoming movie "Dil Dosti Ke Side Effects" has been released. In the video, Sapna Chaudhary seems to be playing an IPS Officer. For the first time, this kind of action will be played on 70mm screen. Besides the dream in the film, Vikrant Anand, Zubair K. Khan, Anju Jadhav, Neel Motwani and Sai Bhalal will be seen playing important characters. This film is about the story of 4 friends who dream of making a career in different sectors in college days and get separated with time. Sapna Chaudhary becomes an IPS officer, a friend goes to politics and goes into a business line. Likewise, all four are separated, but after a long time, life brings four people to the same intersection. The matter is legal and it is handling Sapna Chaudhary. The film has been directed by Haidi Ali Abrar and it seems quite impressive if it talks about the dream work in the film. The fans of the dream will see them rolling like this for the first time, and the long-standing dream of the saddle is also frozen in this character. Generally, fans dream of dancing at the stage or doing item numbers in movies but see if this film will help the dream change its line and length. News Theme by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Dosti Ke Side Effectss,Dosti Ke Side Effectss Hindi Movie,Dosti Ke Side Effectss Trailer,Dosti Ke Side Effectss Movie Trailer,Dosti K Side Effects,Dosti Ke Side Effects,Latest Songs,Bollywood Songs,Latest Bollywood Songs,New Songs,Movie Songs,Hindi Movie Songs,Songs 2019,Hindi Songs,sapna choudhary,sapna new dance,dosti ke side effects,sapna chaudhary,sapna choudhary dj,sapna chaudhary bandook chalegi,sapna ke gane,sapna dance,sapna,sapna new song

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