How To Choose a Sports Bra with 5 Tips And Tricks |

Wearing a sports bra that fits you well and provides the right amount of support is super-important There’s a lot of different types and styles out there which make it pretty hard to choose the right sports bra. So, we’ve collaborated with Triumph to bring you 5 Sports Bra Tips and tricks that should have you covered! So go ahead, run like no one’s watching. Tips: TIP #1: Maximize your support with Racerback Choose broad bands to minimize unwanted breast movement. Opt for wide straps for optimum comfort. TIP #2: Get extra comfort with individual cups Control bounce better by choosing separate cups Get extra support for high-intensity activities with individual cups TIP #3: Shape is Important Prevent accidental show with soft foam pads Get a flattering look with foam pads TIP #4: Always do the Fit test Make sure the bra band lies parallel to the floor for the perfect fit Choose a slightly tighter fit than your regular bra to feel supported TIP #5: Mesh fabric is ideal for intense activity Maximize breathability with mesh fabric Stay sweat-free with moisture absorbent mesh panels Hope you enjoyed the video! Team Glamrs

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