Splatoon 2 Shorts Collab 5

GET IN THE FRIGGIN ROBOT MARIE Creators and shorts in order 0:27 Ngyes United Today by Motovation 0:40 Sploon noobs by Dankiel 0:51 A bucket by n00dl3g@l 1:00 Boomy that Pops by wannabe weeb 1:12 Byakugan by Altheran 1:28 Clam Blitz in a nutshell by TakuikaNinja 1:45 Defying gravity by Spoop Dog 1:58 Final Boss expectations by ChanganCreatesgames 2:12 Getting run over by the baller by MissionCrab 2:26 I can break these cuffs by TJ studio 2:40 Ink Theory sucks by n00dleg@l 2:55 Inklings Mario Kart by by Pixl 3:05 Jar Jar Binkantation by huntGbunt 3:20 Marie is beautiful by Motovation 3:33 Nzap 89 paired with stuff by Missioncrab 3:44 Omae wa mou shindeiru by Dankmem 3:55 You Shall not pass by Ugnsmacka 4:05 Splatterscope is epic by Boomdacorgi1337 4:16 Spooky Skeletons by Altheran 4:32 Squid Sisters Back by n00dleg@l 4:51 Sr Pelo cancels urchin underpass by fireroka 5:02 The glorious fruit of the noble Salmon by Luke Salmen 5:15 The Groot from inkopolis by ChanganCreatesGames 5:30 The Splatfest Theme Machine by ChanganCreatesGames 5:45 We'll be right back by No life Weboo 5:56 When Grizzco is hiring by n00dl3g@l 6:10 woomy motion by ghosteur squid 6:24 Blisks clout googles by Sylenth 6:34 Bye then Marie by Sylenth 6:40 Woomy on a chair by ? 6:48 Dial up by Ugnsmacka 7:00 Do the Hustle by Drakeln777 7:15 Familiar Woomy by Sevelyn 7:30 Here's woomy by Mgaming 7:37 Inking Ajit Pai by Skulshurtugal Tcg 7:50 Marina Dab by Mint Pickles 7:55 My name is Woomy by Dankiel 8:00 Pearl Marina Real World concert reaction by Text Layer 2 8:13 Pull the trigger by ? 8:18 RIP Mrs Squiddo by Fandom 8:28 Curly Craziness by Soandnb 8:46 Splatoon in a nutshell by ? 9:00 Juju Bizzare Turf War by The Bird Gang 9:15 Osteoporosis by Menzie27 9:24 Wiimy by Litha Cal 9:34 You so precious when you smile by ? outro song - Valium Candies by Jakim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OhJd... - Get your Woomy United Today T-shirt here! https://teespring.com/new-woomy-united-today#pid=2&cid=2397&sid=front Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/Gabriel_Prevost Like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GGgabrielgam... Add me on Miiverse NNid - Gabriel_Prevost Want to help me? Visit my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=308897... or make a donation! :3 https://youtube.streamlabs.com/UCyCNc... Follow Me on tumblr! http://gabrielgaming.tumblr.com/ Hope you liked it, have a nice day! tags "splatoon 2" "splatoon 2 nintendo direct" "splatoon 2 best of" splatoon 2 compilation" "splatoon 2 funny moments" "splatoon 2 best moments"

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