Brian Puspos Choreography | Foreign by Trey Songz | @brianpuspos @treysongz

Went on a little mini hiatus so I can re invent myself as a dancer/choreographer/artist. Getting old in this game, but fortunately I've managed to consistently stay a rookie and a vet. Thank you God for the gift that always gives, and thats the gift of dance. The song is called Foreign. Lucked out and filmed it in Rome, Italy. Didn't want to be cliche/corny and film it in front of a gigantic historical place. So, I kept it real simple and went across the street and found an abandon flower shop. I just wanted to have fun so enjoy! Literally taught these talented guys in one rehearsal. Thank you for being so down! Wish I had Commonless there to shoot this, but I'm very grateful that I had a friend there that did an exceptional job in their place. Thanks Andrea and Simone for making this happen. Shout out to them foreign girls. YUH! *Trey voice* Brian Scott Justin Puspos

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