Rapid Video Blogging Tips and Rapid Video Blogging Course Bonuses

Discover How To Double Your Profits With Youtube, Click Here: http://bit.ly/videocoursecoupon-yt UPDATE: Bonus offer is now closed 0:49 So the first thing I want to do is just hop in and show you exactly how I go about doing and give you a quick overview of what needs to be done and setup so that you can outsource it easily, fast and quick. 0:58 Okay so in front of me right now, you'll see me logged into a software called LogMeIn and you can access this software and use it for free for any computer. It allows you to do remote access from anywhere in the world so all you have to do is to make sure that you've got your computer on, and have this little piece of software installed in your computer and you can access your computer from anywhere in the world. And, the reason why I do this is so that I allow my virtual assistant or my video guy to be able to log in and access any of the videos I have, and export it out and set it up for me the way I needed to be and most of that stuff is the back-end or administration side of things which I don't need to be involved in. That's why I've outsourced it. 2:31 So what I've done is now I've logged into the other computer that I've got in front of me and you'll see that with this computer, it's got pretty much all the things that she needs to do to be able to do anything with regards to setting up, exporting and uploading all the videos online for me. This is a very, very quick way to do it because once it's outsourced, all I have to do is make sure that the videos are on the computer so she can upload it, export it, convert it, do whatever she needs to do to get into the Internet for me and onto YouTube straightaway. 3:20 But the most important things that I have on this computer are three pieces of software that she needs. First one is Screenflow if you're using a Mac, another one is called VisualHub and the third one is called BucketExplorer which allows me to upload all the files onto Amazon S3. Also there's another piece of software that I use as well to convert any format from HD into Mp4 which is called Exile Soft HD Video Converter. And those are the four main tools that I need and use on the computer to be able to do all that. Furthermore, she's got training tutorials which I've created for her and I've gone through step by step telling her exactly where to click, do this, do that. 4:23 All right, so that's all I wanted to share with you. That's how you can outsource it so easily and if you want to know more details, I can provide a blueprint in it for you. Now as I said at the beginning of the video, I'm going to be included some bonuses as well if you purchase Rapid Video Blogging through my affiliate link. 5:05 This particular course and what Gideon offers is really, really good because I've implemented it myself and I've taken that one step further to be able to outsource all the things that I've learned from him. 5:15 I think the most important thing that a lot of people get stuck on is where to find people to hire, to do all this kind of work. The first thing I want to give you as a bonus is access to Bestjobs.ph which is a very, very popular Filipino job seeking website and this job seeking website usually costs between $450-$500 US a year to be able to subscribe to it but you get very, very high quality resumes and you can find really, really good candidates from there. 5:49 The second bonus, what I find that's very, very helpful is access to a project management system which has been customized to allow you to be able to setup your project management system and also have your team work and manage out your whole project there. Usually if you want to buy a corporate license which we have, we can actually setup this whole system for you and usually costs $499 to purchase this but we're giving this as a bonus for you and it's totally setup all for you on our service. 6:34 This bonus here is really, really good I think because it allows you to explore and see successful minds of Internet enterpreneurs. And what I've done is I've hand picked the top 10 Internet entrepreneurs who I think are very successful, and I've interviewed them and I've done a case study based on their experiences — people who are multi-millionaires, who've become probloggers, people who've run successful businesses both online and offline, I've interviewed them and put them all onto these interviews. 7:32 I hope that these bonuses that you see here are going to be very beneficial to you and no doubt that you're going to take that away, use them and be practically able to apply them in your business. I think if you want to succeed in this, you'll need to really outsource and get people on board to help you because you can't do everything yourself. Share this video:

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